Upcoming Events



     All seminars are built upon the concepts and ideas from the previous to form a continous cycle. You do not have to attend any previous seminars to attend current ones. There may be concepts or skills that you will be unfamiliar with, but there will be lots of people around to help. All seminars cost $60 for the weekend. $30 for a day. Make sure to bring swords, and any tools your dojo head comments on. If you do not have any, there will be some at the dojo you can borrow(while supplies last). Also, always bring water and snacks. If you like directions to the seminar, please send me an email or contact Bascue Sensei at Northwest Bujinkan. 


This year we are focusing on Koto Ryu Koppo Jutsu with a Happo Biken flair. We are using Tachi, Kodachi, Shuko, Fundo, Teppan, and Shoge. We will also be playing around with Koto Ryu Yari and Naginata at the Albany Dojo.  


25th -- Shidoshi Kai

26th and 27th seminar -- Koto Ryu #1
21st and 22nd seminar -- Koto Ryu #2
26th -- Shidoshi Kai
27th and 28th seminar -- Koto Ryu #3
11th -- Shidoshi Kai
12th and 13th seminar -- Koto Ryu #4