History of the School

The Pacific Northwest Bujinkan dojos are all linked together through the various instructors via Mark Vandehey and Rob Bascue. If you would like to train in a living Koryu from Japan, you can email us with further questions.


In the Bujinkan that is headed out of Japan, we practice nine different Koryu that are linked through history, philosophy, and family. Our schools are all under the gudiance of Nagato Sensei, and we utilize Biken Waza in almost every class. The only aim of the dojo is to improve our taijutsu, perception, understanding, and our flow with life. 


These dojos are all affiliated under the Pacific Northwest Bujinkan Organization:

Nathan Stephens of Hermiston.

Scott Wilson of Nova Scotia.

Rob Bascue of Northwest Bujinkan.

Justin Giacomazzi of Dallas

Kevin McGown of Chico Bujinkan

Brett McNeil of Portland

Shane Muir of Idaho

Richard Babb of Spokane

Brad Hedal of Salem (Ronin Dojo)


If you wish to contact me, you may email at Jeriahsharin@gmail.com.  Or, you may use the email button above.